Current Projects for Michael Levi

Currently with Disney

Los Hermanos Locos.....American Rock Band ( Tim Silven founder of band just passed away 2012)  This was Michaels best friend and neighbor in San Antonio Palopo Guatemala.




Michael currently is still working with the community of San Antonio Palopo were several massive landslides destroyed portions of the village and where Michael lost six family members in 2010.

Michael Remembers a life changing event.

"We were caught off guard when all of a sudden the entire mountainside we lived on started to shake, we watched as our families, friends and neighbors houses fell down into the lake from the  falling mud and rocks of the landslide that came suddenly.

We were screaming, yelling because of  the  landslides that began happening all around us.  I remember shouting to the others to gather to my house but it was such chaos. So I grabbed my son and ran to my house  and we were spared.

I feel lucky to be alive, because just moments before the mountain fell, I was below  trying to help family member out of a house that was beginning to flood. We pulled out  Jaime and Augustine, a little girl and her father.  We ran, then the  entire neighborhood fell.

We lost six family members  this day, but we are all happy to have survived!!"

Michael Levi Butler

A video from another source who had shown the disaster days after.


Michael levi has created several facebook groups for musicians in rural guatemala, Panajachel Union De Musicos, Musicos Unidos Guatemala and Michael Levi Ramblings and Pensamientos

Grammy Award Nominee ..Giovanni Pinzon   ( Cofradia del Sonido ) (Cofradia del Arte) More information regarding Giovanni in on the link below. He has been a great influence of Rock music in Central America


Ive been working on a new project.

New Album in Progress. ( Beautiful )



You run away

My son

Sweet Wonder

Where are you now

Old Man

Lift me up .. Dont let me Down

My Boy




Helping a Community in need

Meeting with Guatemalan President  Alvaro Colon and First Lady.

Michael with the president in the photo below.


Concert on You Tube (The Call)



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