I can’t wake up inside.

As evening comes quickly it goes from darkness to light from horizons it glows.

Bright hopes and dreams how they suddenly appear, all fear is gone and all things seem clear.

Thinking of solutions of problems been made. False thinking no clarity the soul begins to fade.

Wanting to sleep but eyes open wide, heart pounding hard - deep thoughts never seem to subside.

In desire, moments that quickly came and gone, I’ve lost my shine my diamond had flaws.


I can’t wake up inside, this deep sleep has enthralled me.

I can’t wake up inside, I feel the hate crawling within me.


As evening comes quickly it goes from hatred to love it’s true colors can show.

Hitting rock bottom while being on top, Hateful of what has become, Hating of everything I’d done

Just one year turned it all around, a peaceful nature was where I had been ground.

The spirit that entered - it told lies, made me believe I was looking through a king’s eyes.

How ashamed I am for falling so deep, not waking myself from such a devastating sleep.

Nine years of love came down to one year of failure.

 All good that was done had been undone by a stranger


I can’t wake up inside, I really can’t understand me.

I can’t wake up inside I’m glad it’s now behind me.


Traveling in places playing almost every night, the music loud and stage lights bright.

Waiting for the break to get away from the fall, to come back in force to give em it all.

When it was done my soul it ached for another satisfaction to help that demon awake.

Alone at night promising myself such beautiful things, only to wake up and still slumber in darken dreams.

Hit among hit, the better one could get, not thinking of the best things in life that it forces you to miss.

I couldn’t wake up inside, I was afraid of me.

I couldn’t wake up inside, I really just hated me.

Now I look back and see how I have hurt, those who held me up out of the dirt.

I can’t imagine the fear and pain they had gone through to get me back again.

The little boy who I love so much, I wonder if he knew where I was.

The nights I was gone, did he lay awake?  Did he hate is daddy for his mistakes?

Did he cry on mom, ask questions she did not know?  What happened to his father he used to know?

I couldn’t wake up, I was lost inside.

I couldn’t wake up but now it’s time.

Sorry for what happened I know where we’ve been. It took hitting rock bottom to be able to look up again.

Fear from death of so many I had loved.  That will never take me away again for those who still grow.

Deep inside that candle still glows.

It was a love so pure only a child could give, a love so simple a love that forgives.

The person that was is not what is now. That person came and was tossed down.

The reaction of love over chemical drug, one needs to decide which one to indulge.

Be cautious my friends which path you choose because at the moment of god you don’t see how much you can lose.


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